“We’re a European company that needs to build a parallel  marketing team in the USA, pronto. We need a US partner to expedite this smoothly and seamlessly."

Our European pharma client had a unique problem. None of their experienced European staff members would relocate to the US. Yet they needed to move swiftly and accurately to hire senior level staff. MBKHire set up a system in which we could interact easily with both the client in Europe easily, 24/7. We developed a program that offered a process to expedite all tasks. Since the project required candidates with very extensive background, we tailored a very special plan.

We assigned heavily experienced staff recruit for this project. We tailored a unique, thorough skills assessment process just for this purpose, and developed an extensive diversity recruitment program. We developed systems for key metrics information and reporting. We understood that time was of the essence, and made sure our program  accommodated our client’s schedule.

Since the client only wanted to interview 2-3 candidates per position directly, we had to make sure our system netted only the most experienced, promotable candidates. We knew we had to leave no stone unturned to identify the most qualified candidates in the market.

We did the job, to our client’s great satisfaction!


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