“We need to build a sales force in anticipation of the FDA approval of a new drug – We want to have the sales force ready to hire once the drug is approved”

This is one of those situations where creativity is key. The client did not want to  hire the team until the product was officially approved.  We met with them in advance to ensure that a sales force would be in place no matter what!

We created company branding to attract candidates to this opportunity. We assembled a skills assessment questionnaire for each candidate to help determine qualifications for the position. We then targeted the top candidates in the market, only scheduling interviews with the most qualified. A special coordinator scheduled each interview and worked with each candidate throughout the process.   

Once candidates were identified, we made contingency offers and stayed in touch with them until the official start date. We also kept back-up candidates warm until the front runner candidates started. In addition, we helped our client with administrative work as needed.

Due to our meticulous planning, everyone won. Our client. Our hires. Ourselves.


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