“Our HR department is small. We can’t act quickly. We don’t have access to top candidates. Recruiting firms are expensive. How do we hire the best without a big, powerful HR department?”

Our client has a small human resources department with limited resources. They were having trouble filling positions quickly enough and were not reaching quality candidates. Many positions stayed open too long, and it was costing our client heavily.

They needed a solution and they found it with MBKHire. We developed a strategy to help them fill their positions quickly with top candidates, cost-effectively. We found ways to reduce high turnover in middle- and upper-management, sales, marketing and other areas. We set out to meet employment targets for revenue generating positions. We improved timeliness and smoothed the flow of the hiring process, allowing us to present quality candidates.

We also implemented a diversity sourcing strategy, reported data accurately and on-time, improved retention, and created a company branding process that helped attract candidates to our client. We managed background checks, were available 24/7, and built close relationships with hiring managers. Every step of the way, we employed the finest technologies on behalf of our client.

We significantly reduced our clients’ job openings, and improved the talent flow of candidates.


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